Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Room Challenge FINAL REVEAL

I can't believe the end arrived so quickly! A big THANK YOU to Linda from Calling it Home for creating this fun challenge. I began this with these parameters

1. I am in a rental house, so I had to work with the space as it is. NO LIGHT, and only 2 walls with doorways in each.
2. I have a LARGE Bookcase Secretary that had to remain in the room (there was no place else in this house for it to fit).
3. I did this on a VERY small budget. I spent a total of $325 in paint, material for the sconces, floor cloth, and screen. (Luckily I had furniture from my home and shop to source).

I DIY'ed the following:   Floor cloth, wall sconces, folding screen and art.
Please forgive the bad photography, I have NO natural light in this room.
All items were sourced from yours truly LIV Vintage.

The Floor Cloth

Styled Bookcase

DIY Sconce

DIY Console and artwork

Remember this is where I started:

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  1. Those scones are to DIE for! This is all so glamorous. I love it!!! You have a fantastic collection in here.xx.

  2. dang! so much personality and so many gorgeous things! that screen, those sconces and the floor cloth are INSANELY good! i can't believe you diy'd them! this room is so chic and i love your bold choices. LOVE.

  3. I love this space! It is fabulous- great job for such a tiny budget. Bravo! Congrats.

  4. Love this modern and sophisticated space! Completely enamored with the floor cloth - would love a tutorial on that!

  5. OMG your furniture is (obviously) stunning. It totally conceals that fact that your room was so lacking in natural light or architectural detail! Goes to show what some fabulous styling can do. Well done!


  6. whoa, truly a big huge improvement. that desk and gold leafed accent table i would die for...stunning. diy sconces, they look great. dana

  7. I love this room. Those sconces are amazing!!

  8. My word, this is great. I am especially fond of the rorschach floor and the turquoise accents (especially that painting). That writing table is gorge too.

  9. So amazing! Simply gorgeous. Please do tutorials for all the pieces you created???!!!

  10. Wow~ An absolutely stunning space! I love the console and stools . As a fellow 6 week participant the six weeks was indeed a challenge and you rose up. Well done!

  11. No way the sconces are DIY - seriously? They are so beautiful! I love the book shelves - the pop of color makes it so pretty! Great job!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  12. Wait a minute....325.00! Are you kidding me? Unbelievable Liv! You killed it!

  13. Wow that DIY sconce is amazing! This looks great!! Good job :)

  14. If you did not tell me that you did this on a tight budget, I never would have guessed it. This is as chic as they get. It feels like Kelly Wearstler. Fantastic job!