Saturday, October 11, 2014


This week I am focusing on Italian born Harry Bertoia (1915-1978) A designer who excelled in many forms: jewelry, furniture, and my favorite, sculpture.

His start in design began at the Cranbrook Academy of Art where he met Eliel Saarinen. Saarinen asked Harry to re-open the Metal Dept. Because of an ongoing war and the scarcity of metal, Harry was limited to designing jewelry.

Bertoia Necklace

In 1950 Harry moved to PA at the invitation of Hans and Florence Knoll, of Knoll Inc. It was there he developed the now infamous "Diamond Chair" series

Bird Chair 1st Dibs

Diamond Chairs and Schultz Table  via

Harry Bertoia created many fabulous sculptures including the Dandelion series, and the Sonambient or Tonal sculptures.
1960 Dandelion  Sothebys

 Sonambient sculpture

He did many public works. The guy was just one talented genius.

Yale University
MIT Chapel

Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Room Challenge Week 2

SMALL strides have been made this week. I have emptied the room and painted the walls a shade of PINK. I am in the process of attempting my first hand painted floor cloth. My rug preferences are out of my budget and I don't want to purchase something I don't care for because it is affordable, so...I'll always try a DIY once.

It's a was a huge undertaking coming in at 12 x 12 ( unbelievable amount of prep between the ironing and priming)
I still have to paint the actual pattern but have been vascillating between a few ideas. Also I have a great fear that it won't lay flat. Does anyone have experience with these?

Found this console

I found a console that was the perfect size, but..... I cannot deal with any more dark wood so I will be transforming this piece.

Papered the back of the cabinet

I removed the curtains from the breakfront and papered the back. This probably won't be the final paper, but I think it looks much better

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Monday, October 6, 2014

BEFORE AND AFTER Projects I've Done

After (the before was 60's yellowish green)

Before (only photographed the top)

After: Black and Chinoiserie Red

Just tired and worn out
Fresh paint and gold leaf

Sad little Draper waiting to be restored

Restored to original brilliance

Atrocious mess it was

Aahhh, much better

Paint and change hardware
New Look

Paint and hardware change
Transitional Modern

Dull color/ change and gold leaf details

Just dying to be against a de Gournay wall