Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Room Challenge Week 2

SMALL strides have been made this week. I have emptied the room and painted the walls a shade of PINK. I am in the process of attempting my first hand painted floor cloth. My rug preferences are out of my budget and I don't want to purchase something I don't care for because it is affordable, so...I'll always try a DIY once.

It's a was a huge undertaking coming in at 12 x 12 ( unbelievable amount of prep between the ironing and priming)
I still have to paint the actual pattern but have been vascillating between a few ideas. Also I have a great fear that it won't lay flat. Does anyone have experience with these?

Found this console

I found a console that was the perfect size, but..... I cannot deal with any more dark wood so I will be transforming this piece.

Papered the back of the cabinet

I removed the curtains from the breakfront and papered the back. This probably won't be the final paper, but I think it looks much better

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  1. I just put that exact chandy in a client's house and LOVE. And the pink walls are always my favourite. Can't wait to see that floor!

  2. Good luck painting the floor cloth. I saw a chandelier like that in a home that was for sale. I did not have the nerve to ask if they would sell it. I didn't like the house :)

  3. Ooohhhh....I want to see how that floor cloth turns out. I love the papered cabinet too.

  4. I can't wait to see how the floor cloth turns out! and I love the papered cabinet back.

  5. That chandy is amazing.....and pink walls??!! Yes, please!!