Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Room Challenge Week 3

Welcome to week 3!!!! There are so many great designs from this One Room Challenge, please be sure to check out the other participants. If you want to catch up on my progress here is  Week One
And Week Two. Now on to this week....

1 DIY project completed !!! I have changed the look of the console table from bland mica wood to
exotic python and brass. Why not go ALL THE WAY right??

I also realized that I am NOT a pink person. I apparently have a love /hate relationship with pink. Love it in other interiors HATED, HATED, it in mine. The room is now stark white. I can now walk by and not feel stressed that it's ALL WRONG

I am lusting over these fabulous sconces, but they aren't in the the $$ cards. I plan to make my own version of them incorporating a little lucite as well to play off the Sciolari chandelier.

Lucite on both ends. Brass rods as above

I think a screen is needed. (Odd entry into another room that needs to be covered). I am inspired by the following and will be building one should time allow.  Hysterically crazy to add one more project, hell yeah! Panic setting in as the weeks are FLYING by.....

Not right for the room, but soooo COOL

Bernhardt ( I would be using the octagonal design from the breakfront doors)

This is cardboard !!! GENIUS   Modern Paper Crafts

Still on the to do list:

-  Hang chandelier
-  Finish floor cloth
-  Make sconces
-  Upholster bench/ benches and desk chair
-  Hang art
-  Style bookcase
-  Make screen HAHAHA

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