Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Screen

Here is the tutorial for the screen featured in my One Room Challenge

Supply list:

Hollow Core Unfinished Composite Door Slab 18 x 80 (4) available at Home Depot $19.98 ea

Brass Hinges 2 1/2" $3.98 for a 2 pack. You will need 5 packs 

Square wooden dowels (I got mine at Home Depot)
3/8" x 36"   7 at $.98 ea
1/4" x 36"   8 at $1.04 ea

Epoxy Glue
Glossy Spray Lacquer Paint  I use whatever they have at the big box hardware store

Gold Spray Paint
Gold Leaf and Adhesive Size

These can be purchased at Michaels or through Amazon

Black Spray Paint. I use Rust-Oleum Universal because it sprays so easily. There are less expensive alternatives. Available at Home Depot or Lowes $5.76 (2)

Black paint for the final coat. You could use either Behr or the more expensive Hollandlac from Fine Paints of Europe for a truly lacquered finish.

$14.96 QT at Home DepotFine Paints of Europe $60.00

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