Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Room Challenge, WEEK 4

Welcome to WEEK 4 of the One Room Challenge. Thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for putting together such a wonderful event !! I must admit I thought 6 weeks was no problemo to change a little room given the fact that I don't have construction issues, but.........SILLY NAIVE ME 6 weeks is a VERY, VERY short amount of time when you are undertaking SEVERAL DIY projects. Panic mode has definitely set in. Most of the projects I am doing are almost, but not quite completed. I am very fortunate to have a wickedly talented, innovative husband who can make all the ideas swirling in my head come true. We have never hired a contractor, the man can do anything!! Need a chandelier hung, done. Need to attach a piece of metal to my DIY sconce, (me clueless) done. DUH, RIVETS. Help laying out my floor cloth idea, done. Oh yeah, he cooks phenomenal meals as well.

Progress this week went a little something like this...

The sconces are coming along....

Little side note. I special ordered a lot of brass rods from ACE Hardware only to find out when I picked up my order that, THEIR WEBSITE WAS NOT ACCURATE. The stated the quantity was 8 per order so I should have received 56 rods. But I received 7 measly rods. APPARENTLY THEY screwed up on the website but didn't feel they needed to make it right with the customer (I thought we were always right!) So that left me gold leafing MANY dowels. Just a buncha EXTRA time and work. Thanks ACE!

The screen is not quite finished, here is a peek of one panel. A little difficult to photograph laying down.

Possible accessories lined up waiting to see who makes the cut

 I put this black and white design on the top of my desk to break up the wood, don't know if it is going to stay yet..

So onto next week. I can't wait to see what the other linking participants are up to HERE
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  1. I am DEAD over your DIY holy moly. You should sell those- I'd buy them! I adore every single thing in this post. Your screen too...amazing. Oh and the white china urn- so so good!

    1. Thank you!! I wish I had the $$ to use you to source my art, I know you would find the PERFECT piece

  2. Love the look of everything I am seeing here. So nice to have a handy mister. I would not get one project complete w/o mine!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments !!! It's great to have a handy one right!

  3. DIY is not really my game cause I am so "want it now"...if you know what I mean but then I see great stuff that others do and I am like "gah"...that is cool and I wanna try for like a hot minute:) Love what you are doing and I will be back to check on everything!